BES Transmission/Distribution/Generation Asset Inspections

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are perfectly suited for Bulk Electric System asset survey and inspections. No longer do you have to deploy a crew to take on risk laden inspections on in-service assets. Inspection with UAS can be done with little to no safety risks, in less time, and for far less cost. Save your expensive crew dispatches for activities that need "hands-on" resources. UAS inspections also provide an enormous amout of data artifacts. From high resolution video, photos, and even 3D Geo-referenced images if necessary for later review, analysis, and auditing.


Advances in Thermal Imaging allow for precise imaging of assets from above in much less time, with greater resolution and in a more safe manner. Advanced imaging analytics allow for automated fault analysis and notification without having expensive resources inspecting hours of video or thousands of images.



Industrial Aerobotics is continually advancing our UAS fleet and capabilities. Below are just a few of our current capabilities and some R&D efforts nearing completion.


Whether you need a vendor to provide UAS services, or you need a consultant to help your organization develop your own UAS in-house program - Industrial Aerobotics can ensure your success.

Solar plant Inspections, Imaging and Reporting

Solar inspections using UAV is becoming the preferred method for organizations to identify operational issues with their solar fleet. By flying high-resolution thermal cameras safely above the solar site anomalies can easily be detected and identified. Tradational inspections methodologies are not able to detect cell level anomalies and require an extrordinary amount of manpower to complete. Our end-to-end inspection and reporting solution provides clients an accurate, detailed and comprenhensive view into the performance of their solar assets.

Facility Inspections and Mapping

Inspection and analysis of facilty assets is a common practice in all oranizations. Whether inspecting roof-based HVAC systems, communication antennas, access walkways, flashing and sealing joints, or any other exterior inspection need - UAS systems can do it safer, faster, less expensive and ensure better data collection and retention compared to personnel based inspections.


UAS systems can also provide drastic benefits over manned inspections for communication towers and remote facility sites. No longer do you have to send personnel into harms way to a remote location or up a steep mountain top to inspect a tower. The autonomous capabilites of UAS systems make it the perfect solution to deploy from a safe location, gather needed data, and return more quickly, more cost effectively, and safer than sending manned crews.

Security Monitoring and Surveillance

With theft activity and cost of asset replacement on the rise, the need for cutting edge security surveilance tactics are a must for organizations. UAS are a great fit for this need. Fixed based security system fit the bill for managing a known area, but when a need arises in an area not covered by fixed based system, or a target moves from a fixed based managed area to a non-managed area; UAS vehicles can quickly and easily be deployed to provide Just In Time surveilance and recording while simultaneously providing a live feed to your security staff and/or the authorities.

UAS Vehicle and Component Sales/Service/Support

Industrial Aerobotics has current multirotor offerings that will meet most Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) needs. Ranging from "off the shelf" standard mission vehicles and ground stations to custom built, heavy-payload, custom programmed vehicles to handle the most intensive, mission-critical demands. 


Industrial Aerobotics can also custom build vehicles based on your specific needs for reliability, availability, mission durations, and safety systems. With in-house programmers and robotics engineers we can build a vehicle to meet your specific needs. 


With all of our offerings we also provide maintenance and support to ensure your investment performs for the life of the asset.



Based on the emerging FAA regulations for Beyond Visual Range (BVR) flights, Industrial Aerobotics has multiple offerings ready to be deployed once the final regulations are released. Industrial Aerobotics has been working closely with the FAA and its partners and are confident our BVR platform will be in full compliance with the expected regulations. Transfer of command and control in lieu of full BVR allows us to provide long range flights while staying within the FAA regulations. 


All of Industrial Aerobotics offerings are capable of Ground Based Management. Offerings from a single system for command and control and telemetry, to a fully managed ground based system to allow for command and control, telemetry, active monitoring and on-the-fly mission editing.


All of our ground based systems use security encryption between the ground station and the vehicle to ensure command and control remains in the operators hands at all times.

Common Services List


  • BES Tower/Line Inspections

  • BES Transmission/Distribution Thermal Imaging and Inspections

  • Internal Generation Plant/Flare Stack inspections

  • Internal facility inspections/mapping

  • Communications tower inspections, mapping & monitoring

  • Aerial Photogrammetry & mapping

  • Storm Damage/Disaster Site Inspection, Monitoring & Mapping

  • Aerial Terrain Mapping

    • Substation Site Surveys

    • ​Powerline Route Surveys

    • Vegetation Identification & analysis

      • ​Power line corridors

      • Roadways, Freeways & Waterways

  • Nuclear Contamination Measurement, Tracking & Monitoring

  • Physical Security Surveillance & Monitoring


Vegetation Management Mapping

Vegetation management can be a large and costly effort, especially for utilities that have assets in rugged, hard to access locations across large areas of land. With UAS use, missions can be crafted and flown to map current vegetation levels. This data can then  be matched against GIS data to associate assets and create service tickets to schedule vegetation management crews for maintenance activities. These missions can be developed and run adhoc or re-run on regulary scheduled intervals.