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National Research Council Report Released

June 6th 2014


A new 92-page report from the National Research Council on reccommendations for additional needed and their priorities to certify drones to safely operate in the national airspace system (NAS).

FAA Looking To Streamline UAS Approval for Utilities

May 13 2014


U.S. aviation regulators said they are considering a streamlined approval process for flights of small unmanned drones for film making, utilities inspections, farming and other low-risk operations says a recent article from Bloomberg.


Here is a LINK to the actual announcement from FAA Representative Jim Williams at the Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo 2014.

EPRI Confirms UAS Benefit

April 4 2012


The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has completed tests determining that unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, can be used effectively to assess storm damage on utility distribution systems in this recent report.

UAS Hearing

December 10th 2014


Congress Hearing on status of UAS regulations.


USHR10 - Science & Technology Committee Hearing

January 21st 2015


Congress Hearing on status of UAS Technology and Regulations.


FAA Releases NPRM for UAS Regulations

February 15th 2015


Official rules could take 2 years to ratify, but this is a huge first step


Industrial Aerobotics receives FAA Section 333 and COA Approval

March 24th 2015


Commercial operations set to start immediately


Local News Story on Industrial Aerobotics

March 26th 2015


Fox10 Arizona Talks with Industrial Aerobotics Owner - John Wolcott

sUAS News Feature Industrial Aerobotics Exemption Approval 

March 25th 2015


Industrial Aerobotics set to server the Utility Industry for Aerial Inspections