Your UAS partner with a shared vision


POWER INDUSTRY EXPERTS  - With over 100 combined years of Power Utility experience, our staff understands your business, how it operates, and how it is regulated.


OM TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS - Most of our staff has spent time in the Operations and Maintenance IT ranks at some of the largest utility companies in the Southwest. This allows us to securely integrate technology with business process. We understand the internal structure and application base of your company and which departments can benefit from the integration of a UAS program.


UAS TECHNOLOGY AUTHORITIES - We have UAS experts on staff who have been involved in the UAS developing technologies from the beginning. With experience ranging from Multi-million dollar military UAV's to the most technologically advanced "hobby grade" systems. 


AVIATION EXPERTISE - Multiple members of our staff are licensed commercial pilots. This allows us to better understand and comply with any and all FAA regulations as they pertain to the developing UAS regulations.




Entities comfort level and needs vary as it relates to leveraging UAS technologies to reduce costs and increase profitability. Whether you are just investigating the feasability of a UAS program, are sold on the benefits of a UAS program but don't have the staff to manage a program in-house, or are fully levaraging UAS technologies in your business - INDUSTRIAL AEROBOTICS would love to partner with you.

Helping you find the right solution.



Industrial Aerobotics can fully manage your UAS program based on your specific requirements and timelines. You tell us what you need and when, and Industrial Aerobotics will deliver the data.



If your needs warrant an in-house UAS program, Industrial Aerobotics can provide the framework and consultative support to partner with your internal team to develop a UAS program that is sustainable and fully meets your business needs and budget.



Already have a UAS program but are in need of:

  • Cutting edge hardware/sensors

  • Automated hardware management

  • More robust or reliable vehicles

  • More feature rich autonomous control software suite

  • Staff training or augmentation

  • Support of existing hardware / software

Industrial Aerobotics is a 1-stop shop for all your UAS technology, vehicle, sensors, and support needs.

Industrial Aerobotics has a fleet of custom built multirotors suitable for any mission with numerous payload capabilities.Need to get in tight, look from above or underneath? Need a hi-res picture or video? Need a geo-referenced 3D mapped image? You name the mission, we provide the vehicle and data.


Have a data need covering a large geographic area?  Photogrammetry or Lidar mapping needs? We have a vehicle that can carry the load, cover the areas you need, and deliver the data all safely and autonomously.


Our UAS fleet can be quickly deployed manually or autonomously on very short notice to assist in storm damage assessment, security surveillance or any other time-critical tactical need without the risk of sending live personnel into dangers way.

The authority on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and their practical use in industrial applications




Our mission is to economically and safely streamline data gathering and analytics to position our clients to make accurate and timely business decisions.